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There Goes My Baby–Enrique Iglesias-Guitar Chords

Intro : (Am) (G) (C) (F) (Am)She came from (G)nowhere and she (C)stole my(F) soul (Am)Her (G)love was (C)criminal(F) (Am)I finally (G)found what I was (C)looking (F)for (Am)Now(G) I cant let it (C)go We (Am)break up(G) to (C)make up(F) (Am)You got me (G)spinning like a (C)yo yo(F) yo But (Am)I know(G) that (C)you know(F) That(Am) […]


Slave To The Rhythm-Michael Jackson-Guitar Chords

Am F She dances in the sheets at nights C Em She dances to his needs Am F She dances ’til he feels just right C G Until he falls asleep Am F She dances at the crack of dawn C Em and quickly cooks his food Am F She can’t be late, can’t take […]