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Smoke On The Water Deep Purple Guitar Chords

main riff(divided in 3 parts): 1.(G)..(A#)..(C) 2.(G)..(A#)..(C#)..(C) 3.(G)..(A#)..(C).. (A#).. (G) Verse: (Gm)We all came out to (A#)Montreux on the (C)Lake Geneva shore(Gm)line.. (Gm)to make records with a (A#)mobile we (C)didn’t have much (Gm)time (Gm)Frank Zappa and the (A#)Mothers were (C)at the best place a(Gm)round (Gm)But some stupid with a (A#)flare gun(C)burned the place to the (Gm)ground, Chorus: (Cbar)Smoke on the (D#)water (Fbar)A fire in the sky..(Gm) (Cbar)Smoke on the (D#)water… by


Let Her Go Chords – Passenger

[Intro] C D Em D (3x) C D Em [HOOK] C G Well you only need the light when its burning low D Em Only miss the sun when its starts to snow C G D(sus4) Only know you love her when you let her go C G Only know you’ve been high when youre […]


You And I Chords – One Direction

Capo on 1st Fret (F) (G) (Am) (C) (F) [X2] (G)I figured it out (G)I figured it out from black and white (Em)Seconds and hours (C)Maybe the height to take some time (G)I know how it goes (G)I know how it goes from wrong to right (Em)Silence and sound (C)Did they ever hold each other […]


Story Of My Life Chords – One Direction

Capo on 1st fret Intro : (Bm) (D) [x2] [Harry] (Bm)Written in these walls are the stories that I can’t (D)explain I (Bm)leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for (D)days [Liam] She (Bm)told me in the morning she don’t (G)feel the same about us in her (D)bones It (Bm)seems to me […]


Hush Hush Chords – Avril Lavigne

(E)I didn’t mean to kiss (G#m)you You didn’t mean to fall in (E)love I never meant to hurt (G#m)you You never meant for it to mean this (A)much Hush, hush, (B)now (E)I wanted to keep (G#m)you Forever next to (E)me You know that I still (G#m)do And all I wanted was to (A)believe Hush, hush, […]


Straight From The Heart – Bryan Adams

[C]I Could Stop Dreaming, But In Never Ends As [C]Long As You’re Gone We May As Well Pretend I Been [Bb]Dreaming [F] [Bb] [C]Straight [G]From The [C]Heart [C]You Say It’s Easy, But Who’s To Say That We’d Be Able To Keep It This Way But It’s [Bb]Easier[F] [Bb] Coming [C]Straight [G]From The [C]Heart Oh, Give It To Me [F]Straight [G]From The [C]Heart Tell Me We Could [F]Make A[G]Nother [C]Start You Know […]